Rodan & Fields … skin care consultant

I recently became a sales care consultant for Rodan & Fields skin care.  I’ve been using the products since February and have converted all my old skin care regime products to R&F and I was so thrilled and my family & friends noticed differences especially when I started using the hand treatment (I was sick of people telling me I had “old lady” hands and that my hands looked 30 years older than my face, and their eyelash boost — for the first time in my life I have eyelashes) and so I became “sold” on the products & I am going to start selling them!  Here are some before and after photos …

After R&F 😉
Before R&F 😦


that is after just 5 weeks of using R&F Brightening Hand Treatment — which you can use on your neck as well 🙂



Before & after R & F Lash Boost — 8 weeks — I’ve never had eyelashes in my life in fact I went to get extensions put in one time and they told me it was a waste of time because didn’t have enough to “work with”


Before and after using R & F Dual Intensive Acne Treatment on a cyst I had that my old acne “spot” treatment was doing nothing but “burning” the skin around it.


Before and after of my skin using the Rodan & Fields Reverse line of products for reversing the signs of sun damage, etc.


Before and after using R&F Redefine products including the Acute Care wrinkle treatment on my “frown lines”

If anyone wants to get together and try any of the products please let me know!  We can meet for about 15 min and chat to evaluate what needs and wants you have when it comes to your skin care. 

2 thoughts on “Rodan & Fields … skin care consultant

  1. I love this post about the dogs, I’m going to try it next time I can’t shift my mood.. It will be interesting when I’m pissed off in traffic to suddenly disappear with my head down at my feet but..?


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