I started this blog because I have a lot to say … and my family is tired of listening to me ;). I mostly started it for myself, really as a “journal” to keep track of funny stories or thoughts etc.  I’ve been working on it for almost a year and with encouragement from my friend Robin I finally got up the courage to hit “publish”.  I “retired” last fall and since I haven’t been working this blog has kind of become my “work” and I have discovered I really love writing.  I also love reading and am very passionate about sharing the books I love with others.  In fact I’m really just passionate about sharing (“over-sharing”) how I feel about different topics, products, travel, shows, poems etc.  This website is definitely a “work in progress” but as Dr. Seuss said in “Oh the Places You’ll go … Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting.  So get on your way!” So here I go … on my way ….