I Have Everything I Need (Leaving)…

“But what about your things?” her boyfriend asked “I have everything I need” was her reply as she walked away. That’s what Libby from the show Masters & Johnson said as she decides to take off on a 35 mile walk with a bunch of strangers she happened upon while stuck in a traffic jam because there are thousands of hippies migrating to some sort of peace rally in the 1970’s.  I loved It so much because it’s true, I have everything I NEED, my mind, my body, my health, my happiness, confidence in my ability to take care of myself, and my spirit, I truly have everything I NEED.  I was thinking if I didn’t have kids and a husband (that I like most of the time ;)), coupled with the fact that my kids always tell me I’m not living in the time or the place I should be living.  They say I was born 20 years too late and I should have been in my 20’s in the 1970’s and I should be living near the beach.  They know I’m at my best, happiest self when I’m near the beach and it’s sunny and above 75 degrees!  Before we got our air conditioner I used to walk around our house in the afternoons in the summer doing my chores in a bikini because I was so hot, my kids would be horrified and say “mom this isn’t a beach house and what if someone sees you”? And I’d say “well I can pretend” I still put my bikini on and lay on my deck and read my book whenever it’s the weekend and it’s nice out and pretend I’m at the beach or at the very least by a pool ;)!  I think about that scene in the show as Libby just walks away from her life into the unknowing and I think how freeing that would be to throw your hands up in the air and walk away or drive away from everything … knowing that YES you have everything you NEED and to be totally open and accepting of whatever it is that’s coming down a road that is completely foreign to you, with no agenda, no expectations …. hmmmmmm 😊I can daydream just like I  daydream I live by the ocean most days! 💛🏖💚

Image 6-11-17 at 3.46 PM

Image 6-11-17 at 3.46 PM (1)

Image 6-11-17 at 2.44 PM


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