OJ Simpson … not to give him more attention but I can’t help sharing this story …

shanI was reminded of one of my “best stories” because of OJ Simpson being all over the news yesterday, (I don’t want to stir up any controversy over his past) … but when that parole officer said “you look good for 90, oh I didn’t mean 90, I meant 70 (which he does look damn good for 70) I laughed and even though I’m not all that interested, I found myself tuned-in, I had no intention of watching, I just turned the TV on to make folding laundry more tolerable ;).  I will admit I was “glued” to the TV at times during the white bronco high-speed chase & during the trial & especially when the verdict was read.  I was working at a law firm at the time and I remember so clearly they brought in a TV so we could all watch in the conference room on live TV.  If you’re over 40 you probably  remember where you were?!

Anyway, one time we were leaving on a trip with our friends and we were on separate flights but within 40 minutes of each other, so we went to the airport together, my husband likes to get to the airport REALLY early (which is smart, but it was an early flight and I HATE getting up early), so I said we should leave at 5:30a and he said 5a so I said “I’ll ask Nancy what she thinks” (she was a flight attendant & the expert on most things ;)).  She agreed with me so we left at 5:30a, long story short we almost missed our flight — traffic, super long security lines etc.  Our friends dropped us off because our flight was earlier and they went to park the car.  Nancy and I were texting, as the Bennett family was navigating the airport …

Nancy:  Where are you?
Me:  Security — really long lines!
Nancy:  Now where are you?
Me:  On the train getting ready to run through the terminal — we are in full-on “OJ Simpson mode” (meaning from the 1978 Hertz commercial of OJ Simpson running through the airport) and Noel is about to kill me!
Nancy:  Why because you have to run or because he’s about to slit your throat?

shannonlaughingI literally almost peed in my pants and then running, while laughing, and trying not to laugh because your husband is so pissed at you (and that will REALLY piss him off) and you’ve given birth to two children less that two years apart (only women can relate to that part ;)!

We made our flight — barely!

Anyway, “all’s well that ends well” and “makes for a good story” — to me anyway!  Nancy — you’re the best!

You have to be my age or older to remember 😉 highlight & click below to watch …



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First a little bit about me ... I'm going to be 50 in about 5 minutes, I've been married for 20 years and have two incredibly great teenagers, (albeit incredibly moody). I am a Capricorn and I'd say 99% Capricorn. I do yoga everyday and my husband says "for someone who does ("practices" is the correct term FYI ; yoga everyday you're awfully high strung", my response is "can you imagine me if I didn't do yoga everyday"? and his response is "I'd be scared"! I've been told by a number of people that I need to lower my expectations of people because then I won't constantly be disappointed. My husband says he tries to have zero expectations and then sometimes he's pleasantly surprised. :) Which is really great advice and may work for him but I'm having a hard time with it, and I don't want to lower my expectations, I want people to rise to my expectations (someone said to me the other day "who died and made you God")? So I've been "practicing" this mantra "lower your expectations, be more forgiving and compassionate & understanding" it has maybe worked a tiny bit. And then I came across this quote while in the throes of being disappointed by others "There is no good way or bad way. And the sooner we let go of expectations about how things are supposed to go, the happier we get to be." Which I wrote down and put in my nightstand from a book I read called "The Divorce Party" by Laura Dave. So I texted my friend that quote, who also has high expectations of people and who is also constantly let down and I said "perhaps my mother is right, she told me I have really high expectations of myself and so I think everyone else should be the same and they're not, so the sooner I accept that the better". And my friend's response was? "Lies, all lies! Of course there is a good way and a bad way, the GOOD way is OUR way"! For better or for worse I have to say I agree! "What is wrong with people?" was going to be the title of my blog because I constantly find those words coming out of my mouth ... but this "blog" has morphed into something else because it turned out I actually have a lot of positive good things to say and share about people, I shocked myself, so therefore I changed the title and the direction of my "blog/website" ... my initial emoji I was going to use was 😩 But now the one I want to use is ❤️

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